FUNDRAISER Bubblecakes- Bubble Bath Cupcakes- Pack of 2

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These babies are 6oz and FULL of bubbling goodness. They smell wonderful, look so good you can eat them (don't lol)Bubblecakes will revolutionize your bubble bath! Throw one in and watch the bubbles go! Bubbling isn't all they do, though. They'll soften your skin, and leave you smelling awesome, too! Safe for kids- and believe me- they will LOVE THEM just as much as you will.

Instructions: Start bath water and toss cupcake under the stream - it will immediately start to bubble up and leave the frosting behind. 

When you get into your tub and turn the water off, take the frosting and either mush it about in your water to further moisturize the water or you can use the frosting like soap.
I personally recommend using it to shave - it makes a great exfoliating shaving soap!

Your kids may prefer to mush it all over the walls and paint pictures - which you can also do! LOL

ingredients: Baking Soda,Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Fragrance, Coloring and Sugar Decorations

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