About Us

Growing up I wanted to use the fun bath stuff. You know... the bubbles, cool soap, and great smelling body wash.

It never failed, though. Every time I ended up a hived-up, itchy mess. Yuck!

Jenny Hoehn

It was beauty school where I learned the science of skin care and where I found my calling. AND the answer to being able to use all the skin products that I'd missed out on growing up- only my version. Turns out, I wasn't the only one suffering through reactions to harsh chemicals and crappy ingredients. And those fellow hive-mongers also loved my new skin stuff.

...And so it started. A living room full of soap ingredients, a stove covered with pots of simmering, melting butters, and- on occasion- a big cloud of powdered ingredients while perfecting my Bath Bombs.

I've made it my mission to bring soft skin back- without the hives, while leaving you smelling awesome! I do it with Bubble Cupcakes, Bath Bombs, Soap, Body Sorbet, Aloe Whips, and Body Frosting. We make all of our stuff in small batches and to order, so you don't have to worry about ingredients being less than fresh or low quality. And that's the way we're gonna keep doing it, no matter how big we get. Thanks for listening! Give us a try- your skin will FREAK out!